This is OzJeff’s WebLog. At the moment he has nothing to say in the “About” section, apart from to suggest that you just read the Blog.

Well, maybe I will say something after all. The name OzJeff comes from the fact that I’m Australian (although living in Germany) and that my name is Jeff.

You’ll find quite a few articles written in my best effort at German and that’s part of the reason for this blog. All you German’s reading had to write “Aufsätze” in school and although you probably hated doing so, it had the desired effect of teaching you how to write. I hope that if I write enough articles here then my writing will improve. Watch out though! I have a British/Australian sense of humor and I like to deliberately misuse words for effect. My friends tell me that the funniest misuses of words are the ones I make by mistake, but I’m just going to take credit for them all.

So, dear readers, enjoy the blog, and a big “Hello” to all the readers from the Deutsche Alpenverein.

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