Apr 13

34km • 367hm • 2h:02m • 1 • ★☆☆☆☆

Since moving to a new part of town I am in search of a new route to take to keep fit. I had in mind to try working my way across town to the Oberwald, then over the Wattkopf and back home via Forchheim.


It’s 16:30. I Worked through lunch so I can leave early with a clear conscience. Where I now live is too far from the Hardtwald for my old, mindless, training route. Where to go? If I want to mountainbike and not just pedal in the flats, then there is really only the Wattkopf close enough for an hour to 90 minute tour. I decided to ride through the Gunter-Klotz-Anlage and try and cut through to the Oberwald, avoiding the traffic of the main station. My instinct worked well and I found a way with only a few hundred meters of road and one set of traffic lights.

From the Oberwald I followed well travelled and well known trails to Hedwigsquelle and from there up onto the Wattkopf. It gave me a chance to practice a slow steady pace uphill. I am going to need that if I want to cross the alps. No hot-headed pumping competitions needed here. Surprisingly, I met no other bikers – the weather wasn’t that bad!

The next part of my plan was to ride down through Ettlingen and cut across to Forchheim, where I had been riding a few weeks ago. From there I would be able to ride back north to the Weststadt. As you can see from the gps trail I took a round about path which took me past the golf club. Hey. It’s not as if I was in a hurry. But at least I know for next time where to turn to cut straight across. From the map I can’t see if it is actually possible. We’ll see.

All in all the tour is a bit long for a simple afternoon training run. I was out for just over two hours and kept up a pretty steady pace of 15 kph. I’m pretty tired now, but had enough motivation left to cook a very tasty green chicken & vegetable curry. Beats take aways hands down.

Tour: Weststadt – Oberwald – Hedwigsquelle – Wattkopf – Ettlingen – Forchheim

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