Sep 05

Back at the time of the Civil War, gunshot wounds were treated by searing them with fire. This was based on the superstitious belief that heat would purge the body of impurity. Most people were fairly confident about categorizing a gunshot wound as an impurity. Unfortunately the remedy resulted in infection, blood poisoning and almost certain death.

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. You know what? I’m beginning to think that MS Update is like that. I run a very clean and secure system, so I don’t think that I’m in that much risk of ‘infection’. Certainly I’ve never had to recover one of my own systems from a virus attack, only those of friends, associates and other leeches who discover I know what I’m doing.

On the other hand I have spent hours, no – Days! cleaning up the damage done by some update nuking a driver I need. The latest happened a few weeks ago. From one minute to the next my UMTS card stopped working, the trackpoint cursor froze to death and various USB devices disappeared. I spent hours of my precious after work time searching for solutions, trying things out and backing up my entire system in case of further demise. In the end a reinstall of XP SP3 somehow fixed the problem. I’ll never know what it was exactly that caused the problem. And that annoys me.

Since that day, Microsoft has no more access to my system(s) to update anything. Oh sure, I still keep an eye open and install anything critical. But if it ain’t broke folks, why fix it?

Unless you’re a masochist.

written by OzJeff

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