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Eventually my tweets from the International Toy Fair 2010 in Nürnberg will become buried in the mire off dross that is Twitter, so here they are, united as one blog entry.

09:30 Here we go at the #ToyFair
09:44 This is OzJeff reporting live from the International Toy Fair 2010 in Nürnberg, Germany. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/32i55ij
09:50 I’ll be focusing mainly on board games, card games and other family fun. #ToyFair
10:30 You have to walk through a labyrinth of Fest articles and girl clubs to get to hall 9. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/4er7doyj
10:36 Finally, Hall 10. Board Games. #ToyFair
10:38 Here’s a game called Classico, a trivial pursuit like fame based on classical music. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/1e2y2tj
10:41 There’s also a children’s version with pop music. #ToyFair
10:44 Existenz is a trading card / board & dice game combo. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/4if1spj
10:58 Ha! First success at the #ToyFair! I have a copy of the game to review :-D http://yfrog.com/3isltwj
11:02 Waiting for the game awards to be presented. #ToyFair
11:04 Vampire der Nacht is a new game from Jens-Peter Schliemann, published by Drei Magier. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/3nzuuqj
11:15 The game glows in the dark. It’s also good for very young children who just have fun pushing the garlic into the holes. #ToyFair
11:18 Next stop Pegasus Spiele, fantasy role playing games. #ToyFair
11:21 Wolfsmund – a card strategy game. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/auojuuj
11:32 Another new game due out in September is Solitaire Chess (no photos allowed). It looks quite enticing. #ToyFair
11:37 This is a crazy game where you have to build blocks making only stone age grunts. Lots of fun. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/1eto3yj
11:48 Quecke Verlag (Tantrix) has a new solitaire game called Palago. A liitle like Tangrams. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/4e6d2pj
12:24 New from Reinhold Wittich is a game called Varionimo, a domino like game played with dice. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/4emk2pj
12:40 Reihold demonstrated Omba last year and it’s finally ready. A 3D strategy and positioning game. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/33w5huj
13:00 Giza from Templum. A block laying strategy game for up to four players. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/1yn1uxaj
13:17 Repello, from the makers of Pentago. It’s a strategic sybolic board game. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/4f7znpj
13:19 You can set up repelling chain reactions. Could be quite interesting with unanticipated effects. #ToyFair
14:05 Time for a late lunch #ToyFair
14:35 There’s a wide range in the quality of production & dedication to artwork by the producers. Some are so poor they’ll have no chance #ToyFair
14:46 Gigamic, one of favorites, have a number if new games. Kakuzu is based on Soduku. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/35dkpj
14:53 Regatta is an interesting combination of laying cards and crossing a board. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/37ltkj
15:06 Another of my favorites is Drei Magier, with great games for children. Schatz der Kobolde… #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/3lyd8kj
15:07 … uses a unique magnetic pendulum dice where you have to guess the outcome. #ToyFair
15:09 Also new is a board game variant of Das Magische Labyrinth. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/4e2p7bj
15:45 It’s good to see this game finally on the market. Khet uses real lasers and the players hunt each other. http://yfrog.com/3iqtkj
15:52 Qwirkle combines scrabble with color and pattern matching. Same brain cells needed as Set. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/3gg19bj
16:00 Croa is a good combo of revealing cards and following the actions with your frogs. #ToyFair iello http://yfrog.com/1ya2zjj
16:03 These last two games are from a French publisher called ‘iello’ and are nit available in Germany. #ToyFair
16:17 A strategy trading card game with more resource management than Magic. #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/4ibg0rj
16:56 New from Ystari. Asteroids. Quite complex, fast paced game #ToyFair http://yfrog.com/4evptpj
17:25 That’s it from me. My iPhone battery is about to die. Take a look on blog.ozjeff.com in the next few days for more detailed reviews #ToyFair

written by OzJeff

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