Jan 03

I told myself to be sensible, and wait until at least the new year before getting back onto my mountainbike. Actually I was intending to sin, but got so busy around Christmas that I just didn’t manage to. (That’ll be a lesson for the devil, eh). Well today is the 3rd of January and that makes it the new year.

Cold Trail

Cold Trail

I got it into my mind that 11 O’Clock would be a good time to start, so that’s what I did. Clickies on, several extra layers of clothing. two pairs of gloves. Hey, I don’t like doing things by halves. Off I set – a new route to an old destination. (I’ve moved apartments). Hedwigsquelle and a climb up the Wattkopf.

Actually it was pretty easy going, except for the fact that after about a kilometer I was so hot I had to stop and take off a layer of clothing. The only thing that kept on freezing was my feet. I’m going to have to think of something to prevent this. Two pairs of socks weren’t enough.

My intention was to test my condition, and to find a new way from Ettlingen to the Weststadt where I now live. The climb was quite easy, so I am pleased that my condition is still there. That nice familiar feeling of ache in my legs was there, calling to me :-)

Once up on the Wattkopf, the fact that my toes were icicles led me to the cowardly decision to ride right back down the other side into Ettlingen. Hey this was after all just a training run. I gave a quick wave to the carousers in Vogelbraü and headed off west looking for a path to my home. Of course I didn’t find it – serves me right for not planning. I followed the major roads back home. There’s a little more adventuring to be done yet.

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