Dec 06

Ahh. Saturday was a great day. I went and picked up the first of my bikes. It was such a delight to feel the wheels beneath me, I felt my spirits lift immediately. This is a smile I’ve been waiting and waiting to show you all.

OzJeff picks up his bikes

OzJeff picks up his bikes

I rode around in circles for a while in front of the bike shop, making sure I hadn’t somehow forgotten how to ride in five weeks of convalescence. But you know what they say about never forgetting, and my mind was soon on the forest path through the Hartwald I was planning on taking to get home. I would have to be careful!

It’s only a short ride, maybe 5km, and only a couple are through the woods. It was damp and muddy, so I found myself watching the front wheel very closely indeed. As you can understand, I had no desire to repeat my flying over the handlebars performance. The only incline is the bridge across the Adenauerring, but it was enough to have me longing for a nice strenuous uphill climb. Patience, patience, OzJeff!

It’s now Sunday and have no fear, I am being careful. My mountainbike is off limits for at least another month. But a little city riding should be ok – just to keep a bit of condition. In fact, I ride mostly with only my left hand on the handlebars.

So, to quote a great song from the 60s – “I have to admit it’s getting better, getting better all the time.”

written by OzJeff

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  1. 1. Biking Angel Says:

    cool, dich wieder auf dem Fahrrad zu sehen. Bereit für einen Hartwald-Fahrradausflug? Jetzt kann ich mithalten mit deinem Tempo. Grüße, A.

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