Nov 05

Remember how I said that I flew over my handlebars and crash landed a week or so ago? Turns out that I broke my collarbone in the process. I’ve been ignoring the pain, assuming that it was just bruising. On the positive side I took three delightful tours in the Pfalz before I found out the truth. On the negative side my doctor has strapped my right arm to my chest to avoid any further injury. No more mountain biking for me for at least four weeks. So folks, that means that my next ravings will be about winter biking. I’m down, but I’m not out!

Anti-mountain-bike Apparatus

Anti-mountain-bike Apparatus

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2 Responses to “Down and Out”

  1. 1. MTBTier Says:

    Well, my best wishes for the shoulder’s healing process. Don’t worry about this injury… you’ll be fine in about 6 weeks.
    Some years ago as a teenager, I broke my collarbone, too. But I also rode my bike for three more days until the pain got too strong.
    This reminds me that I always wanted to write about this story on my blog… gotta go. ;-)

  2. 2. OzJeff Says:

    Thanks very much for the kind words of encouragement. I must admit that I am a bit concerned, especially when my doctor starts mouthing words like “operation”. I will know more next week. In the meantime I will work on my blog site. I like the look of your site, by the way.

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