Oct 23

The days are getting shorter and shorter. Never have I experienced the changing of the seasons as intensely as this year. Being out on my bike, or wanting to be out on my bike has made all the difference. I notice the weather, the lighting, the temperature. This week I have been at home more in the early evenings because I finished work too late for it to worthwhile heading out for a quick mountain bike ride. What to do…

Instead, I have been working on my Blog. The biggest change has been the switch to my own hosted site, ozjeff.com. This opens up a lot of possibilities, since I can install what I want on my own site. wordpress.com has it’s advantages, since everything is set up for you, so here’s a big “Thank You” to the guys there for getting me started.

This week I muddled about until I managed to get the XML Google Maps plugin working. Now I can add an interactive google map of the gpx Track at the end of my posts, and you all can download the tracks if they take your fancy. In the end I discovered that the plug doesn’t like spaces or special characters in the .gpx filenames. That was all that was stopping things working.

I have a week of autumn riding coming up, so wish me luck and good trails! Let’s see what great stories I have to post here soon.

written by OzJeff

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