Apr 23

Hi folks,

It’s really time I got myself together and started to post about my trips in 2011. To make it easier on myself, I plan to switch to Everytrail.com for most of the gpx and photo uploads. Those are the two parts of blog posting that take the most time at the moment, since I have to upload manually and type all the HTML myself. For the best effect I will need to expand the form factor of the posts, so that the GXP Plug in looks good.

As of April I have made my sporting hobby my workplace. We are setting up a new cycle Megastore between Heidelberg and Mannheim and will also be offering bikes and parts online. It’s meant very long hours, which is why you haven’t seen many posts from me yet. With a bit of discipline I should have some tours here soon.

I’ve been trying out downhill freeriding in the Pfalz. Terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Lugging an 15kg freeride Cove up 600hm is a pain, but the fun of downhill with 180mm travel is great.

The DAV season has also begun, so you should see some reports here soon. I am thinking about getting a helmet based camera, since juggling my compact and the handlebars is tricky and somewhat unwise. Especially when S. suddenly veers from the track onto a downhill trail and there I am with one hand on the handlebars and one holding the camera.

So stay tuned.


written by OzJeff

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