Jul 31

30km • 850hm • 5h:00m • 2

What a brilliant day for mountainbiking. And what better place to go than the Pfalzer Woods and the sandstone rock formations around Hauenstein and Dahn. The tour turned out to be a bounty of single trails and small forest paths. This has to be at the top of the list of my favourite tours.

I have a new camera. The old one was just dying – the victim of harsh conditions on the trail. Rainer was also sporting a new camera, so the day became a test and tryout day. Each of us had different cool features to try, most of which we’ll probably never use again. Hehe.

The Sony can take panorama shots. Click three times on this image to see it fullsize. (Why three times? No idea! Ask the creators of WordPress and modern browsers)

The Casio has high speed slow motion video. I used my Gorillapod to attach my camera to a tree and filmed this segment. Yes, it’s grainy, and the actor is untrained, but it marks the beginning of the era of video at ozjeff.com.

Here’s the same scene with Rainer, this time in slow motion.

This tour is pretty much the same as the one I made with Silke back in Autumn last year. Experience has shown me that trying to retrace a tour using a GPS track alone is doomed to failure. Under trees, the track can be off by ten meters or more. Often, trails will divide in a narrow Y shape before you. Which path to take? The high road or the low road. The geography of tree covered, mountainous trails can mean that choosing the wrong road will take you far from your destination – even rotate you 180 degrees!

So this time I decided to locate the GPS Track on my paper maps of the region. They are marked with special color codings which you can find painted on trees and rocks. I noted the kilometer marks where we changed color codings with waypoints on the GPS. Believe me – this is the way to work.

Blue Yellow stripes. Just look out for them should the path divides before thee. Oh, and isn’t the brilliant green of the forest stunning.

We were constantly riding beneath impressive sandstone carved formations. High above, the trees reach up into the sky. It was an effort for me to stop and set up these shots. The temptation to just ride and enjoy was very great.

So maybe I’ll let you all ‘ride and enjoy’ for a moment.





The paths can be harsh on a mountainbike. Experienced tyre changer in action.




Great place for a lunch break. The ruined castles at Dahn.

Lot’s of Peaks. This is fun. I have mentioned that I love uphill as much as downhill haven’t I? In all we climbed four hills this day. OzJeff in his element.

And at the top of every peak, great views across the Pfalzer Forest. Today was a perfect day for photography. The colors and textures in the sky really bring a dynamic feel to the shots.

Elevation Profile
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Yet another excellent day biking with Rainer.

written by OzJeff

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