Jul 19

40km • 590hm • 2h:36m • 2

Lately on weekends I haven’t been able to get on my bike as often as I would like to. So today I took advantage of the railways to get me up into the hills. This makes it possible to ride after work and get somewhere interesting. André and I rode up the Moosalbtal to the tower on the Mahlberg, then all the way down the Saumweg back to Ettlingen.

Starting from Fischweier saved us around 100 meters of elevation and more importantly at least an hour of time. We were going to need that hour if we wanted to reach the Mahlberg and arrive home before dark.

The Moosalb creek was almost completely dried up. Just a few puddles here and there.

My camera is just a few short clicks away from death. I’ve been hard on it this last year. It’s had to take a lot of rough handling as I shoot one handed whilst riding. Now it is losing it’s memory every time I switch it off, which means I need to click through the “first time setup options” before each picture. bleh! There won’t be too many action shots this time.

The trail up the Moosalb is not difficult, it just goes on and on. Good for keeping in form. Finally we made it up to the tower. Inside here there are 158 steps waiting to be overcome.

This is the first reward for all our effort. 360 degree views of the northern Black Forest.

There are two ways back down the mountain. My plan had us taking the “steiler Weg (steep trail)”. It was time for some action…

… in the form of our second reward. A super single trail all the way down to the road below…

… with a few tight curves along the way. Nice.

From the road we headed down the Saumweg back into the Rhine valley. By now the sun was low in the sky, creating beautiful texture and color contrast in the forest.

The sunset was just too impressive to ride past. Outside of Ettlingenweier we spotted a perfectly placed park bench.

Words not needed.

That’s the Pfälzerwald over there.

Getting dark now. We just made it home with the last faint glow of twilight.

Elevation Profile
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Another great day. OzJeff is happy again. My muscles were aching the next day though – a good sign.

written by OzJeff

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