Jul 20

Hi Folks,

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been getting behind on my postings. Currently I’m in the middle of a post that describes all the steps I take to get a tour online. Figured it might be of interest to some of you. Here’s the short form for you.

Oh. One more thing before I begin. I backdate the posts to the actual date of the tour, so expect to see a few reports to pop up in the archive that you may not have read.

It takes about 2-3 hours per tour, depending on how creative I’m feeling with my prose, and whether or not I’m writing in German ;-)

  • Read the GPS track from my Garmin Navi into MapSource
  • Copy the photos into a temporary directory
  • Tag all those photos with geo data using the gps track
  • Import the photos into iPhoto
  • Correct light balance, slant, framing, etc.
  • Select a title photo and resize into wide format
  • Choose which other photos to use for the report and export in reduced size
  • Create a new post on my blog
  • Calculate the distance, height, time, etc. and write it into the blog header
  • Upload all the photos
  • Upload the GPS Tour info
  • Duplicate the tour info on the dedicated GPS Tracks page

Then finally, the real work begins – namely thinking of something to say. And correcting all the grammatical and spelling errors in my German posts.

  • Write the story
  • Publish
  • Set password protection
  • Go have a coffee or wine, sleep on it, then come back to the report and discover another 50 odd grammatical errors.

written by OzJeff

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