Oct 17

Wattkopf 20km

Today I was planning to head for the Thermal Spa at Bad Wildbad. A reluctant weather – like those days you wake up in a bad mood and don’t really know why. Cold or wet and sometimes cold and wet. Then a little sunshine. Wolfgang wanted to take no notice of the weather and ride around the Wattkopf. I wasn’t really that keen, but went along anyway.


Things started fine, with the standard climb from Hedwigsquelle up the hill. We made our way across to a single trail and started down. Rocky and rooty, showing signs of suffering from the rainy week. But then the rain came. Cold again – not pleasant, unless you’re a wild boar in mud.

Wet Autumn Leaves beneath my Wheels

Wet Autumn Leaves beneath my Wheels

Still, you have to take the good with the bad. My Nerve MTB got a nice cleanup out of the whole adventure and is now resting contentedly next to the fireplace.

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