Oct 14

Last weekend I was out and about again with a group from the Deutsche Alpenverein’s Mountainbikers. (You can read the main article in the German section). The destination was the Mahlberg, travelling along the ridges.

Mahlberg on a cold, windy, october day

Mahlberg on a cold, windy, october day

It was cold and very windy on the top of the Mahlberg. The journey up is a long steady climb – not too difficult, but taxing on your condition. We tried out a few single trails but they weren’t great fun with the ground damp and mushy. The path home went down the Moosalbtal and Albtal valleys, easy and relaxing.

If there was one thing I got out of this tour, it was the fact that I need to improve my skills at mounting a bike on a steep incline without the bike going wildly out of control. As a result, this week I went out again on my own just to train at doing this. Even after just half an hour of constant practice I have improved significantly. It is all about getting weight onto the back wheel and starting as slowly and as controlled as possible. Now I’m daydreaming about where the closest hills are to my home so I can slip in a quick practice session!

You can see the details of this tour on my gps-tour.info pages.

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    Das nächste Mal eine Minute verschnaufen und dann den Auslöser von der Digitalkamera betätigen.

    Schöne Grüße

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