Jun 04

31km • 374hm • 1h:46m • 1

Today I tried out a revolutionary concept. Well, it’s revolutionary for me. Get on my bike, head out and go, well, wherever.

Hey folks, guess what? The sun is shining! Yes really. It actually happens from time to time here in Germany. Look at this picture, you can see blue sky.

There are lots of happy people in the Gunther Klotz Anlage. Don’t blame them.

OzJeff is off to places unknown with a sparkling clean Nerve XC. Two buckets of warm soapy water did the trick. Think of it as a modern day form of sun worship.

Actually it was snowing. Really. Powdery, fluffy, seed oriented snow. The poor plants have been waiting all through May for Spring to arrive and were getting quite agitated when June came, ushering in meteorological summer. So they took the very first chance to pollenate – all at once.

I wandered around the Oberwald for a while, and ended up on the single trail that leads into the path that the DAV always takes to Hedwigsquelle. Seems like a good place to go…

… since just behind it is my favourite climb. My first real climb on a mountainbike. Makes me feel like a ex-virgin.

Once at the top I had a vague notion of riding down into the Albtal Valley south of Ettlingen. I’ve done this dozens of times with the Alpenverein. It was here that I decided the best course of action was to just take paths I’ve never been along before. That seemed random enough.

So when I reached the TV Tower I could see a path on my GPS heading off to the right. Couldn’t see anything in the real world though. Wait. There’s this overgrown path. I decided to take it.

It lead me promptly into a farmer’s corn field. And into his wine fields too. No grapes yet.

After a while I found my way back to real paths, and worked my way down into the Albtal. I had set myself a limit of 2 hours today, so I headed back through Ettlingen and home. A did discover a few new paths, and more helpfully, I connected up points I had been to before on DAV tours but didn’t have the spacial connection between them in my head. I also took a path close to the Alb all the way back home. I like it actually better than the usual path home along the railway tracks.

That’s it from me. Bike is still clean. Well cleanish. Bring on the Summer.


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