May 21

40km • 580hm • 2h:50m • 2

Aaarg! This weather is driving me mad. Do you have those days where you wake up, look out the window and think to yourself – “It’s cold, it’s raining. No, not cold – it’s really cold. It’s supposed to be summer!” Something is wrong here.

The weather buro said the sun would shine today. It’s 4PM and still cloudy, but not raining. That’s good enough for me. I need to get out.

The Plan: as fast as possible to Ettlingen.

Take the bike roads along the Alb. Who’s that in the distance? Ahh. My partner in two wheeled muddiness.

Then past the Albgaubad up into the hills. There’s a forest road that follows the Alb, but above it, up in the hills.

It’s green. After so much rain, who can blame the forest for being green. The ground is still very damp.

The contrast of green and brown is quite stunning. The sunlight filtering down through the green canopy is lighting up with the beautiful yellow green glow of spring.

So there we were, riding uneventfully along the service roads, when suddenly a single trail appeared to the right of us. Where does it lead? There’s only one way to find out.

Ahm. Into a field. OK. I’ll give it a go. But wet grass is really hard to ride on. I’m huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf and it’s barely been 20kms and maybe 300hm. Something wrong here. Is my abysmal condition really just due to the fact that in the last four weeks it’s been hard to get out. Or maybe because I am recovering from the flu? I guess I forgot to mention that, hey.

We found our way back into the forest. It’s getting greener.

There’s the Bernstein in the background. One day soon I’ll be back up there.

Maybe I should take a rest and enjoy the view. It’s certainly tempting, because I’m completely fragged.

Or stop and smell the flowers. This is “Elfenblume” or “Akelei”, a rare flower for this region. What do ya reckon, readers?

I’ve got some ideas brewing. Just let the ground dry out a bit and there’ll be no holding me back!

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written by OzJeff

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