Apr 27

49km • 590hm • 2h:42m • 1 • ★★☆☆☆

Today I just had to get out on my bike again. More than a little of the classic signs of addiction. I wanted mountains to climb and just reaching them was going to take time.

I snuck in a quick gpx track plan using gpsies.com during my lunch break. What I was looking for was something to replace my Hardwald training, so single trails weren’t crucial (although a few would have been nice). Well, it certainly turned out to be good for training. If I discount the photo stops I had an average speed of 18.1kmh. And with nearly 600 meters of ascent the nett result is that I am quite tired an sore.

It’s now late at night and I wanted to get the gpx track and the photos up here for you to see. Maybe I’ll write a bit more text tomorrow.

Mountain paths in spring

Bridge to the next climb

Cute little stream the bridge doth cross

Lots of uphill climbs on these tracks

View of the Rhine Valley & the gravel works

My trusty GPS knows the way. Up! Up! Up!

On the summit spring is less advanced

Where is OzJeff sitting?


Admiring the view of the next Mountains

The only trail of the tour

We were just up there

That was too much. It's now late.

Tour: Ettlingen • Panoramaweg • Sulzberg • Hohlberg • Malsch

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