Jan 03

I told myself to be sensible, and wait until at least the new year before getting back onto my mountainbike. Actually I was intending to sin, but got so busy around Christmas that I just didn’t manage to. (That’ll be a lesson for the devil, eh). Well today is the 3rd of January and that makes it the new year.

Cold Trail

Cold Trail

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written by OzJeff

Oct 15

I tried to stand stationary on my bike today – a skill known as a track stand. There were one or two brief moments where you might say that I was on my way to getting it, but for the most part it was a pretty dismal experience. My cleats got in the way constantly, which was very annoying. Normally when I mount my bike I have to flick at the pedal until the cleat side faces up and I can click in. On the day I don’t want to do that, the pedals always turned the cleats face up and clicked me in. Oh, great! Just what I didn’t need. Anyway – I’m not giving up, just going back to the drawing board. Maybe I’ll try next time with normal shoes.

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